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Amplifying Black women’s voices in the running community.

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It’s been a very painful few weeks, particularly for Black people in this country, since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. (And the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, and many others, before that.) In this issue of the newsletter, I wanted to use this space to highlight some Black women in the running world so you can follow them on social media. While most of us like to think of the running community as a diverse and accessible one, we still have a long way to go—especially when it comes to whose stories get told and celebrated. As Alison Désir wrote in her recent piece for Outside about Ahmaud Arbery’s death: “There is a deep divide within the running community across racial lines, one that we do not address.” 

There are many different ways to take action during this time, but amplifying Black voices and listening to Black people—not only when they’re explicitly talking about their experiences with racism—is a non-negotiable one. And it’s only the first step in remedying that divide. The list below is far from complete, and it’s meant to be a starting point. I’d love to hear other recommendations from any of you—send me an email or reply to this tweet if you’d like to suggest someone who isn’t listed here. (All suggestions welcome, I’m not only looking for pro athletes or women with large social followings.) 

Follow these women

Aisha Praught Leer: Twitter and Instagram

Ajeé Wilson: Instagram

Alison Désir: Twitter and Instagram

Alison Staples: Instagram

Aliphine Tiliamuk: Twitter and Instagram

Allyson Felix: Twitter and Instagram

Alysia Montaño: Instagram

Angel Piccirillo: Twitter and Instagram

Athing Mu: Twitter and Instagram

Black Girls Run: Twitter and Instagram

Courtney Dredden Carter: Twitter and Instagram

Dannielle McNeilly: Twitter and Instagram

Diverse We Run: Instagram

Faith Briggs: Twitter and Instagram

Kamilah Journét: Twitter and Instagram

Latoya Shauntay Snell: Twitter and Instagram

Marielle Hall: Instagram

Mirna Valerio: Twitter and Instagram

Peyton Thomas: Instagram

Sanya Richards Ross: Twitter and Instagram

Sashea Lawson: Twitter and Instagram

Shayla Martin: Instagram

Susan Clayton: Twitter

Sydney McLaughlin: Twitter and Instagram

Tianna Bartoletta: Twitter and Instagram

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